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HOA of Utah offers a full range of accounting services

And we provide instant reports for your Board and quick reporting for your community.
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Comprehensive and Quick

Our accounting is superior to other HOA Management Companies. We reconcile your books monthly and generate monthly reports such as Balance Sheets; Income Statements, which are compared to Monthly Budgets; Year-To-Date (YTD) Income Statements; Property Trend Reports (PTRs); and Accounts Receivable and Payable. These reports have been modified so that they are easier to understand and track. We use QuickBooks as our accounting software and we can also customize QuickBooks for your own specific community needs. We can give the Board/Committee online access to view QuickBooks at any time, and quick (approved) web access for your community members, archived too. We’ll also help your HOA establish a yearly budget for the community. Not to toot our horn but we have obtained a reputation of being within 3% of the operating budget each year for our communities! An accurate budget means a well-tuned community, and this helps avoid unnecessary assessments and increased HOA Dues.

What sets us apart from the rest?

We make sure that all of your expenses are placed in the right categories. Before you receive your monthly financials, at least three different accounting personnel have reviewed them for accuracy.
We have tough standards related to financials. We perform internal random audits on all of our communities to ensure accuracy.
We employ several different methods for payment of your expenses. For example, we can cut checks for you to sign, approve payables via email, and/or use a P.O. System.

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Monthly Reporting!

We reconcile your books monthly by the 15th of every month. This ensures that you get your financials in a timely manner.

Record Keeping

Records kept for 7 years – no charge!

We keep your files at a secure offsite storage location for 7 years. In addition we archive and back up your files. Rest assured you will always have access to your community’s information.

Discounted banking services

Discounted Banking Services!

We work with several banking institutions to make sure that you are getting the best services for your money. Typically, we can reduce your banking fees if you choose HOA of Utah.