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Five reasons to choose HOA of Utah

And we live up to every one of them!
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Five Compelling Reasons Why You Should Choose HOA of Utah

An excellent property management company should pay for their management fee to the HOA through savings and financial benefits received by the HOA.  Typically, HOA of Utah will pay for the first two years of management fees in its first three months of operations on the property.  Through significant savings in property insurance and sharing benefits available from telecommunications companies and through volume discounts available to the HOA through HOA of Utah’s vendor contacts (HOA of Utah requires a minimum of three legitimate contract bids for every service provided), HOA of Utah more than pays for itself.
One of the most essential ingredients to a successful HOA is effective communications between homeowners and the governing board and the management company.  HOA of Utah takes great pride in opening up the lines of communication between home owners and the Board and itself.  Regular surveys are utilized in order to secure essential feedback from the home owners.  Several home owner meetings a year are set aside strictly for home owner input.  HOA of Utah’s website is a remarkable tool permitting home owners to communicate with the Board and with HOA of Utah. HOA of Utah’s website provides online bill-pay, online reservation for common areas, online access to community documents, newsletters and an ever-changing bulletin board of activities.  Effective communications is one critical key to a successful HOA – and no one does it better than HOA of Utah.
Another key ingredient to a successful HOA is proper training of home owners on how to utilize community services and cooperate with one another, training of board members on their responsibilities and authorities and how to properly govern the HOA, and proper training and oversight of site employees.  HOA of Utah has a Manual of Operations (MO) and an extensive training program for all of its employees who are regularly trained, tested and motivated to provide the best services possible to the HOA and its members.  HOA of Utah has a “HOA University” – which provides high-level, one-on-one training for volunteer board members so that they can clearly understand their responsibilities, authorities, and best practices for serving on the HOA Board.  Finally, HOA of Utah has custom programs for each HOA to assist them in cooperating and working together as a community.
HOA of Utah’s professional management team demands and sets a high standard for each property.  We assist the Board in maintaining their non-profit status and reducing taxes as much as possible.  We offer 24-hour service and onsite staffing to ensure home owner satisfaction.  We insist that all reserve studies be done on a third-party basis with professional engineering firms – not simply plugging numbers into an inexpensive software program. HOA of Utah’s staff and employees have over 20 years of multi-family management experience.  We know what standards HOAs should expect – and we deliver it.
HOA of Utah’s reporting systems are second to none.  Designed and tooled over three decades of professional practice, the daily, weekly, and annual accounting and reporting systems are revealing, accurate and timely.  Accounts are always completely reconciled monthly leaving no room for costly or repetitive errors.  HOA of Utah may also easily customize its reporting formats to meet HOA’s special needs or requirements.