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HOA of Utah's management and maintenance team

Experienced, well-trained, bonded, and insured
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HOA of Utah’s in-house and hands-on management team keeps tabs on every detail, everything from day-to-day maintenance to financials. We are active participants in your community, serving as adjunct members of your HOA Board. Our carefully selected maintenance staff, which is bonded and insured, is on-site and on-call 24/7. In addition, we work with an approved list of vendors, and on your behalf, we maintain close ties with our specialized partners.

HOA of Utah’s Maintenance Staff

Colin Blair
Colin BlairManager, Wayland Station
Preston Jones
Preston JonesRoving Maintenance
Clark McIntosh
Clark McIntoshCarlton Towers
Zack Mitchell
Zack MitchellWayland Station Maintenance
Brian Nelson
Brian NelsonRoving Maintenance
John Power
John PowerSpecial Projects
Chris Sagers
Chris SagersWayland Station Maintenance