Driving Hints

For those of you who are somewhat baffled by the names of the major streets in Salt Lake City, once you get the hang of it, it’s almost impossible to get lost. Here’s how it works:

Brigham Young laid down the street plan for Salt Lake City in a classic grid, emanating from Temple Square. The blocks adjacent to Temple Square are called North Temple, South Temple, West Temple, and Main Street (East Temple). One block south of Temple Square is First South, and one block north is First North. Three blocks east and south would be 3rd East (300 East) and 3rd South (300 South). And so on. So, 3335 South 900 East is essentially 33.35 blocks south of Temple Square, and 9 blocks east. Get it? One more thing: The sun rises over the Wasatch Mountains (east) and sets over the Great Salt Lake (west).

Here’s a useful driving tip: Some streets are easier to navigate than others, i.e., they keep going. Lucky for you HOA of Utah is located on two of these streets, 3300 South (33rd South) and 900 East (9th East). You can travel on either of these streets all the way through Salt Lake City without any confusion. Take your pick. By the way, our office is located on the Southeast corner of 33rd South and 9th East!

On the other hand, if you’re trying to avoid city streets and driving on Interstate 15 South (or North), take the 3300 South Exit East. Simple, yes?

Our Location

Located In the Heart of the Salt Lake Valley

3335 South 900 East, Ste. 230

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

Office: 801-485-1086

Cell: 801-634-0143 (Chris Bowden, CEO)

Fax: 801-485-1089

Email: hoaofutah@outlook.com