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HOA of Utah can provide staffing for your community

At true cost, no markup!
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True Cost Staffing

If your HOA needs on-site staffing we can help. We offer staffing at true cost, no mark up. Most management companies will mark up employees, but HOA of Utah does not. You pay exactly what we pay. We work with your Board/Committee to write a job description, and then we do all of the rest. We hire the best person(s) for your community’s needs. We keep an eye on them, making sure that they are performing to your expectations.

Monthly training for all employees

Before any employee is hired, they are screened for criminal records, drug use, and bad credit.
All employees are bonded and insured.
If you don’t need a fulltime person, we also have a roving team that can help when needed. This is great for smaller communities.


Trained Employees!

Trained Employees are better employees. They regularly attend CAI and WCF seminars to keep up to date with the ever changing HOA world.  We also hold monthly staff and safety meetings.


A great company to work for!

Just as we desire to establish longstanding relationships with our clients, so do we with our employees. Our employees are the face of our company and they are very important to our success, and yours too. 


Opportunities for Advancement!

A number of our employees have moved up from entry level positions and are now managing their own beautiful communities. We will always try to promote within first before hiring outside.